Beautiful Indonesia

I'm in Jakarta for a few more hours! I was so tired yesterday I didn't did that much just checked the pool in the hotel, grab something to eat and sleeeeeeeeeep and today....well pretty much the same LOL!Here some pics xD


Summer Corniche

 MANGO jeans PULL&BEAR shirt ZARA bag PARFOIS necklace

This was a few months ago, we went to the coast Corniche area, just found it here in some weird hidden folder! My God I look chubby :O! happy weekend...


Untitled #48
So just because I'm bored to dead here it goes some tip (that some crew taught me a few months ago...because before this job...I only used make-up in very rare occasions, special this complete style LOL!!!) This brand HIMALAYA its one Indian brand very cheap, but i really like their skin products, hair products I don't recommend but the skin products I really like and there's also the good thing about the "all natural" part of them :)... well enjoy or not lol!


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AAAh I'm at home for more than a week...and everyone else is flying(I've done only one lottle flight to Athens....I'M GONNA DIE I can feel it!!!)
Seriously this is way to many time at home specially when you live in the desert! What do I do when I'm home..go to laundry, eat a lot (specially donuts), dig in Bloglovin', I shop (even though everything is expensive here and not that new!), I cook...this week I even went to gym (seriously something is wrong with me!) well not that interesting, I've realized it...
some random pics of these days!
 dunkin donuts!
 MANGO bag BSK bracelet krispy kreme donuts (again)

 CASIO wathc BSK bracelet PARFOIS ring