In a few days I'm going to Jakarta, Indonesia! This is what I'm thinking to carry with me...my plan is to get as tan as possible :) I'm way to pale!!!


this was right after a 8h flight, excuse our tired faces
Zara shirt, NY baseball cap; Zara leggings

 hello beauty : )
 forever21 t shirt and pants; sfera necklace

Well some pictures I took in HKG last month! I got completely crazy about caps this last two months...besides that I bought some useless stuff (funny eye shades and tons of crazy colors nail-polish, a wig...(OMG I really bought a wig,still don't know why) yes, HKG is a nice place to buy cheap make up (but please don't buy cheap foundation or base or face serum) just nail polish, liquid eyeliner, fake lashes (not that I bought...but I've seen millions of them!). You can also find some crazy shoes, like platform loafers and creepers a lot of handbags etc etc etc! from what I saw you should visit kowloon, mongkok, peak, tung chung and the cultural places like big Buddha and all! I really enjoyed HKG (went three times this month...crazy han!)
PS: if you see a counter with people selling noodles in a small plastic bag..with extra ingredients on your choice YOU HAVE to try! yuuumi! 


hongkong by almd featuring logo hats


Kuala Lumpur "Bukit Bintang" malls and salons zone
So  in case of you wonder why in the world would I start a blog... There's no valid reason..i just felt like why not share my travels, and thoughts with someone or no one at all...that would be sad! (ahah yes because the most probable thing will be one or two people ready it only by a mistake of a Google search) Anyway defying all my fears of that happen I will, at least in the beginning, post some pictures of my trips, my thoughts, share some tips about shopping in that places and show my "fashion related" view of the places! Well hope you (the one or two people that will ready it by mistake) enjoy....